Requesting redirect URL's for adding / deling feature from a board

I am building some integration features in a monday app which will behave a standard automation recipes. I am in need for redirect URL’s that where the user is redirected to when a feature is added / deleted from a board. For adding I can currently (mis)use the Authorization URL. The reason is that some of the developed recipes rely on data in a database which needs to be deleted / reset when user deletes the feature form a board.

The picture shows a very logical place to enter those optional redirect URL’s.

Hey @basdebruin – are you looking for an actual redirect, or simply a notification? Would a webhook that notifies your server when the app is added/removed suffice for your use case?

I’m trying to understand more about what the need is here. Thanks in advance!

Hi @dipro

A webhook that can be configured to call my service will be sufficient. Although it is still a nice to have I am revisiting the complete access rights management.

My current thought process (can always change :slight_smile:) is to have 1 app with multiple integration features. I need to control access rights per feature and it looks like I can do that by building kind of state machine.

Will keep you informed on the progress but for now there is no immediate need for those webhooks.