Reset Week column on a weekly basis

Is it either possible to

  1. Keep the ‘Week’ column fixed as it was initially set (This week, 2 weeks time) , via a Checkbox Setting
  2. Utilise a Pulse to reset the ‘Week’ column on a weekly basis so that ‘This week’ always remains as ‘this week’?

I have a template board. It creates a template project plan. Each plan has the same tasks. Each task should start at the same time. Currently, every Monday morning I go into the template project plan and reset the ‘Week’ column data to adjust it as if it started ‘This week’, rather than ‘Last Week’.

Thank you

a workaround may be using a date column and setting it as a deadline then automation, after so many days move to this group only if this and this is done sort of thing.

Thank you so much @Amanda115
I created an Automation which states;
When Status changes to ‘Create Plan’, push date by 5 business days.
This allows me to ‘reset’ the plan weekly.
Thank you