[RESOLVED -> Non-issue] BUG: User ID on Webhook Event Payload is -4

Hey Monday.com Team,

Our Monday App (Custom Board View) creates a webhook on behalf of our user and we’re noticing some strange behavior.

It looks like the User ID in the Webhook Event Payload is being returned as -4 about half of the time (please see the screenshots below).

We rely on the userId in the event payload to notify the user via Monday.com notifications for when errors occur during background processes.

Please let me know if this is a bug or has something to do with OAuth Scopes or something else!

CC: @dipro



From Logs → JSON Payload:

From Database → You’ll see that this happens sporadically:

@dipro Also, please let me know if I should tag someone else for things like this, or submit these bug reports elsewhere!

It might also be good to tag @AlexSavchuk :slight_smile:

hi @mrautomation , Chris

As far as I remember -4 is used for viewer or guests

@basdebruin Thanks for the reply.

These webhook events were triggered by an admin within our system :confused:


Is that an active admin? I remember those -4 userIds, but I don’t know exactly what caused it. Will have a look through my archives.

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Hey @mrautomation – it means that the action was completed by an automation.

Some more detail: let’s say you have the following recipes on one board:

  • Native automation: When an item is created, change status to Working on it
  • Webhook integration: When item is created, send a webhook
  • Webhook integration: When a status changes, send a webhook

When someone creates an item, your URL will then receive two events:

  • Event 1: represents item creation. The user ID will be the person who created the item.
  • Event 2: represents status change. The user ID will be -4 because it was done by an automation.

Shoutout to @basdebruin for the hint about viewers. With that detail I was able to reproduce it quite easily.

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Makes so much sense @dipro !!

Thank you both @dipro @basdebruin .


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