Resource management or planning option is great for project management it helps a lot to keep track of tasks and projects but i have realised that it lacks the option to estimate the resource capacity. even though we could do it somehow it is painfully difficult . let me explain the steps below

  1. each project or a task needs a resource in the form of an employee or a machine they have a fixed working time or capacity. for example an employee have 8hrs/day & machines may have 20 or 24 hrs /day, each of them are capable of executing different skills or tasks.
    let’s say below is the datas we have for a project
  2. A particular project which needs to be completed within two weeks
  3. let’s say the project contains 20 different tasks which needs different employee or machines
  4. assume we have the estimated or actual amount of time to complete each task

now i want see how much resource i need to complete this project and how much i will be left for other projects.


i have done it with the help of dashboards and formula column
it would be much easier if the formula column can drive the the timeline column .