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We are desperately looking for a way to manage our resources (fleet of trucks) within monday. Goal is to have solid GANT views “by truck” (booked/available) and “by project/customer” (what project needs what truck…). We only find others to look for the same, but no link to a solution yet. Can anybody please support? Any chance to do this within monday? It sounds super easy, as it would work like hotel reservation (room booked/available/to be cleaned…), but we don`t really get it fixed …

Hi Stefan,

This definitely sounds do-able within Monday.

One simple method could be:

  • You could have one board where each group represents a truck in that board. Then you can have the tasks within the groups as separate bookings, and using the “Timeline” column can help show this easily in a GANTT view.

One more complex (multi-board) method could be:

  • Have one board set up for trucks, where each group is a truck. Then on each of the project boards you will want to have a few things set up. You will want a separate status within your status column specific to the truck booking, something like “Truck Booking Confirmed” would work. You will also want a dropdown menu to show which truck you will be booking, a column name of Truck Number may work here. You will also need a timeline view to show the dates that booking is for.

  • Then you can have an automation set up for something like:

  • When Status changes to Truck Booking Confirmed and Truck Number is 1, then create item* in Trucks Board.

  • *within the item option here you will be able to choose the group that the item will be created in, and be able to copy over the dates and any other relevant information from that item on the project board.

  • You will need a couple of these automations set up for each truck, for example instead of “and Truck Number is 1” the next one would be “and Truck Number is 2”.

  • On the Trucks board you can then easily set up a GANTT view by group to see each truck and the booking dates for them. A calendar view could also be very useful here.

Hope this makes sense and helps but if you want to reach out and discuss in more detail I would be more than happy to set up a meeting.


Hi Jason,

thank you for your super quick and competent reply, great!
Let me check with the team according to your ideas and come back.

Kind regards

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Hi Jason,

again, thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.
Walking through your description, we generally get it but still try to find a smooth way matching our business needs. Do you think you can find some time to discuss later this week?
Please let me know, all the best

Hi Stefan,

You’re welcome and yes we would love to have a call and discuss this some more this week. Below is a link to set up a meeting via Calendly with Adam, our Senior Business Consultant. If you can find a time that suits you, then we can discuss this on a call. I look forward to this.

Adam’s Calendly link: Calendly - Adam Reavill

Kind Regards,

Hi Jason,

great, thanks a lot.

I booked a meeting with Adam, looking forward to talk tomorrow.