Restoring an item from the Recycle Bin via API

Is it possible to restore an item from the Recycle Bin to it’s board via API/GraphQL? If so, what would that query look like?

hi @dougflowersNCSU

Welcome to the community. There is no possibility to restore an item trough the API. You can query the item to see if the item is archived or deleted, but you can’t unarchive or undelete it. A possible alternative is to duplicate the archived / deleted item. I have not tested this but I think it will create a new item (not deleted / archived) into the board you select.

Hey @dougflowersNCSU :wave:

That’s a great question! I can only confirm @basdebruin 's great response here.

Currently, this is not possible, so I’m glad to move this along to our feature suggestions section so other users can add their voice as well.

I’ve also passed this along to our developers, but at this time, I can’t provide any kind of ETA for when this would be an option.

I hope this helps!