Restrict column editing by people assigned in People column

I love the column restrict editing feature and am working to design a simple workflow where the owner sets a status to “ready for review” and a reviewer sets another status to “reviewed”. To prevent the owner of changing the “reviewers” status directly I am restricting this column for editing only by the reviewer(s). Unfortunately I have to select the reviewer by name in the column permissions setting.

This feature request is to set the column permission to a (group of) person(s) from a People column (just like board (row) permissions can be set to “Edit row by people assigned in column xxx”.



Why don’t you set your board permissions to (Edit row assigned to them in the “People” column) and have an automation that assigns the People column every time “Ready to review” status is used to the reviewer, and when the reviewer is done they can change the status to “reviewed” which you can add an automation on to revert the people assignee to something else.

Here is an example of how we use this in one of our boards …
we have invoices assigned to managers. The managers are to fill in the blank fields. when the managers complete all of the blank fields and change the approval status column to anything it assigns the budget analyst for review, hence disabling the prior person from editing anymore since they are no longer assigned and since the board permission is set to (Edit row assigned to them) all they can do is watch the budget analyst review. If the budget analyst needs the manager to come back and make edits, then the budget analyst will reassign the pulse back to the manager who originally had to enter and fill in the blank fields.
hope this made some sense.

Hi @alejencia, Alex
Interesting thoughts, thank you very much for sharing this. The issue I have is that my authors and reviewers change very frequently. Therefore I was seeking to have the role (column name) assigned to an item as opposed to a name. In your solution the name of the reviewers is hard coded in the automation and I was looking for a column (reviewers role) where I can assign people to. Nevertheless, your idea is great and help me to rethink my workflow.