Restrict view in "My work" tab


I am trying to build a project through which my surveyors will be able to pick applications from a list.
Each item will have columns with plenty of information (name of the applicant, phone number, etc) but for obvious reasons they won’t need all those until an application is picked. Then, it’ll be moved to a second board where all this information is displayed. This board is completely private and no one will have access to it and will only work as an “storage” board.
However, each surveyor will be able to see their works via “My work” tab.

Until this stage, all seems to work smoothly. I’ve noticed surveyors can see works they’ve assigned from this tab even though the work is located in a private board.
My issue is that I’ve spotted there is an option in “My work” tab that allows me to add anyone in the scheme.

This would then allow surveyors to see other’s work and potentially misbehave as a consequence of it.
I need to restrict this view. Is there any possibility to do that?
Note I am the admin of the portal so not completely sure whether I am the only one who can do that as an admin or if anyone would be allowed.

Thank you very much

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