Retrieving custom user profile values. Is it possible?

In the API schema, on Mutation, there’s an operation called update_custom_field_values intended to “Update user profile’s custom field value”

Is it possible to retrieve those values? Nor the API docs or the schema describe such ability.

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Hey there @pollirrata :wave:

To be transparent with you, this is not something that our API currently supports. We have played around with this idea in the first iterations of v2 API, but the feature set didn’t seem to solve more issues than it created at that time. :slight_smile: Perhaps this is something that we will reconsider in the future.

Let me know if you need anything else!


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We also need this desperately. We are storing things like user unique IDs from other apps in user’s custom fields for automation. Without this it’s not possible to automate smoothly. Sure, it is possible via workarounds, but we need to store user IDs in some Tables or other storage…