Retrieving item update email addresses programatically

Hi, me again :wave: :wave:

I couldn’t find a way to programmatically retrieve an item’s item update email address via GraphQL API, and just wanted to double check I wasn’t missing anything?

If that’s the case, I took a look at the email addresses generated from the UI, and they seem to follow this format:


Totally understood that this format may change at any time, and could change in a way that it can’t be generated outside the Monday UI anymore.

With that said, I wondered if Monday or anyone knew whether that user-specific encrypt_api_token rotates often, or if it’s generally static?

Thanks again!

Hi @hrickards!

There is currently no way to access this email via the API. Let me double check with my team and get back to you on whether this token is likely to rotate!


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Hi - I would love to know if there is an update on being able to grab this update e-mail programmitcally as it would be pretty useful for us. Thanks!

Hi @NateDrifter,

This is currently not supported by our API