Retry Policies Clarification and Resources

:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:Hello everyone,

After seeing some questions in the community about this topic, we just wanted to clarify our run URL retry policies.

Your run URLs will be re-tried every minute for 30 minutes should it receive anything other than a 200 status code.

You can find out more in both our Custom Actions article, as well as our Authorization article.


Hi @Helen

Understood. Are there any plan to raect differently on different status codes (e.g. 406 - payment needed). This would really improve the ability to communicate with the platform.

Hi @basdebruin!

Great question!

In full transparency, I don’t believe this issue of greater specificity in our status codes will be tackled soon, however I’m happy to say that our developers are definitely aware of this and are working towards resolving it.

Thank you for this feedback! I will be sure to add it to bump their attention.