Reuse a custom status column

I created a new status column with custom statuses so I can use it with the Kanban view. There are 24 different status labels so I’d like to reuse this status. Also, it is on the item level, but I can get it to copy to the sub-item level within the same board. I’m super new, so please forgive if this is a really easy thing to do.

Hey @HeidiG,

Welcome to the community, and thank you for your request!

If you’re interested in setting up column templates (, this feature is currently offered on our Enterprise Plan (incase you are currently set up on this plan). As an alternative, the admin of your account can set custom status labels in the admin > customization > boards section, accessed through your avatar icon. The only thing to note is that these labels will apply for all newly added status columns across your account. If this is of interest, all you would need to do is add a new status column and those new labels should appear once set up. Let me know if this makes sense :slight_smile:


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