Reverse association lists

Let’s say I have a board of recipes and a board of ingredients. I have subitems - recipes that contain ingredients

Subitem Recipe

Recipe Ingredients (from connected Ingredients board)
Bread Flour, Water, Yeast
Beer Barley, Hops, Yeast, Water
Apple Pie Apples, Flour, Water, Yeast,Sugar, Salt, Lemon Juice

Items ingredients

Ingredient [Included in]**
Apples Apple Pie
Flour Apple Pie, Bread
Water Beer, Bread, Apple Pie
Yeast Bread, Beer
Barley Beer
Sugar Apple Pie
Salt Apple Pie
Lemon Juice Apple Pie
Hops Beer

Is there a way that I can add a column in the Ingredients board that does a reverse column lookup to determine which recipes it belongs to?

This is not exactly my use case, but I wanted to use a simple example. To be clear, I want this to occur automatically when I add ingredient items to recipe subitems.