Rich Formatting for Form Field Descriptions

Native forms do not support rich formatting for field descriptions, i.e. adding line breaks, numbered instructions, bullet points, external links, etc. My form includes instructions for people to submit information for a new customer, including steps that take place outside of, such as creating a folder in our Drive, creating a copy of our install sheet template for the customer, etc. The form is meant to be a one-stop-shop for everything a salesperson needs to do to submit a new customer, but the instructions look clunky without line breaks, and I can’t link directly to the external steps.

Rich formatting for the “Add a Description” option for fields on the Form View would essentially accomplish all of my goals. I could list step-by-step instructions where each number has a new line, add links to steps that take place outside of, and more. I would rather see this feature come to than use an external form with an integration.

+1 on this.
The actual way is un profesional for reporting

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I would also like to request this feature - even just for the ability to link. Specifically; We have a form that requests the user upload a word document that they complete based on a template. We would like to link that template in both the header of the form and in the upload section. In the header, users cannot even copy/paste from the copy, but they should fill out the template prior to completing the rest of the form, so the link is most logical in that place.

Alternately, the ability to add a non-question section to the form that has rich formatting abilities would be amazing.


Yes, please add this !
It’s a big problem for our content team who are struggling with this and I can’t find a work-around.
It seems like such a basic functionality, can’t believe that it’s not possible.

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I also want this - we use a Form to sign up volunteers, and one of the things we need at the top is for them to read an (external) waiver, and click “I agree”. I sort-of solved this by having the waiver on another page and then linking to the form, but that doesn’t record it in Monday.

I also would like some way to break the Form into sections, with section descriptions, to make it easier to parse while filling it out. Google Forms has something like this. For our Volunteer Sign-up Form, there are different sections for kinds of questions - contact into comes first, but at the end we’re asking them about their skills and I want a way to say “This is the Skill Section. For the following, please set us know how comfortable/confident you are at each of the listed skills.” There’s not really an elegant way to do that without sections and their descriptions.

Until monday releases a richer form builder, we’ve worked with many clients to help them create a solution:

  1. using a monday App for forms (like TypeForm -; or

  2. having an external form push the submitted data into Integromat or Zapier, and then using that to get it into monday.

Choosing one of these approaches gives you the best of both worlds: A full-featured form builder/component with all the bells and whistles, and your data cleanly imported into monday.

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Yes, please. It’s crazy you can’t do even basic formatting…

Has there been any update on this?

Hey @mir4bell4, @mkingsland, @ajwhitman and all! We now support links in form descriptions and questions :slight_smile:

I’m taking the rest of your feedback and will work on bringing it to the team! Specific use cases about how rich formatting would help you will be most convincing—so feel free to add anything like that on this thread :slight_smile:

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Hi! I saw your reply, but I’m not seeing the ability to add hyperlinks in form descriptions… can you share how this is currently supported? Also, to your second question, this other similar thread has some great use cases (I relate to all of them lol). Would love to hear if there are any new updates on this. Thanks so much!

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Would be epic to see some development here. We are a studio with a briefing form built in Monday but we are directing people to go to a folder where the PDF briefing forms of different job types are sitting and getting them to attach it, it would be epic to be able to have the link sitting in the description section. We currently have another URL column to support it but it’s confusing…

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Hey @ifigueroa and @Jih! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

The hyperlink in the form description should look like this:

If you’re not seeing that, please write in to so we can be sure to get this working for you. I can definitely see how having another URL column to support hyperlinks would be confusing.

@ifigueroa, thanks for linking to that other thread! This is helpful. We are looking into additional formatting options in Q4 of this year, but I’m not sure whether those will look like formatting for the form description and question description fields, or whether they will be formatting options for the way the form as a whole looks.

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@Talia thanks for coming back to us! I think what I want is the hyperlink in the form column description… Sorry I didn’t make that clear!

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Our team is currently using forms to fill out orders.

We are really lacking by not having a rich text editor on this. As we are having to use a google sheet or attach a word doc, or create the order, then go into the Item itself to edit the update where the text editor does exist.

We really need the ability to edit straight from the form.

Is this something on the roadmap?

Please make this important feature a priority.

On my company’s forms are instructions on each question’s description that normally would require bullet points and formatted text due to specific details being necessary. Right now, the descriptions look very amateurish because I’m resorting to uppercase text (for bold) and hyphens (for bullets) to get a semblance of formatted text.

It’s terrible and reflects badly on what these forms are trying to accomplish. Users have a much more difficult time clearly reading and understanding what is being conveyed by the description.

I’m on the verge of moving my company away from Monday to another service that gives forms the attention they deserve.

Rich Text Formatting in workform fields is roughly a must for many scenarios - no unique/weird workflows. Please! Should be a choice of plain text or rich text fields.

Hey @pjtgrizzly

Nachliel from Easyapps here

Our Monday form builder app, Easyform, supports HTML in both form and field descriptions.

In addition to that, we offer:

  • Connected Board support:
    • Limiting selection to a single item.
    • Displaying items from multiple connected boards.
    • Limiting select options to items from specific boards where a column is connected to multiple boards.
    • Pro plan feature - item default values support - set default values for connected board columns that are hidden in the form.
  • Upload files to your board’s file columns, with support for:
    • Allowing only specific file types, such as images or pdf.
    • Limiting the number of files that can be uploaded.
    • Setting a maximum for file size.
    • Manually retrying uploads if some or all of them failed.
  • Set default values for the response item’s hidden group, status, connected board, and dropdown columns. To do so, select Item default values from the Settings menu.
  • Add the item’s group as just another field to the form.
  • Control the page’s top margin with the ability to set different values for desktop and mobile. To do so, select Page from the Settings menu.

If you’re interested in creating styled forms that better match your brand and embed perfectly on your web page, you can check out our app Easyform and our extensive documentation site.

You can set up a free demo here or contact us at

Here is an example of our form in action:
main gif easyform

I hope this helps,


Is there any update on this feature request? We have supporting documents that people could view if they are struggling to decide their answer to a question. I would like them to be able to click on that in the description to open a new tab instead of copying the URL and pasting in a new tab.

There are also situations where turning a word or phrase a color or making it bold to ensure it stands out would improve the data collection process.