Roadmap for trigger parity across the platform?

We need there to be trigger parity across the following areas:

  • Custom automation recipes.
    • Any column changes is missing (available for custom apps and webhooks)
  • Webhook integration triggers.
  • API Webhook creation
    • Several webhook types (delete/archive) are not yet available to be created by API. (though sounds like its on its way).
  • Custom app triggers
    • Delete/archive items.
    • “column changes” can now select subitem columns like webhooks and custom recipes but the boardId returned is not the boardId of the subitem (subitem board) but the board the recipe is added to.

I’m trying to centralize all the known discrepancies so the team can communicate to us what plans are in place for bringing parity.

Hello @codyfrisch !

Thank you for the feedback!

I will make sure to share it with our team :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is another webhook that would be beneficial.

When Status changes from Something to Something.

Primary reason in my mind is it lets me cuz down on events I have to handle, which also means fewer needless HTTPS sessions that the Monday platform has to establish. (which adds to latency).

Hello @codyfrisch!

What would an example for this be like? What would you use it for?

Workflow: Creating project quotes for customer.

I only need to send the webhook when the quote reaches signed off, not the five other statuses along the way. While I can obviously just end the operation as soon as I check and its not the signed off status, its extra calls all around.

Though obviously there is the choice to do it using the apps framework instead but thats a bit more setup, especially if its just for sending to Make.

Hello there @codyfrisch !

I understand. Thank you for the explanation!

I will share this with our team so that it can be taken into account :slightly_smiling_face: