Roll up the mirror

Hey Monday team

I see there’s a new beta feature in Monday.Labs to Roll Up a Mirror column. What on earth does that mean? I would love to try it out but am unsure what it is :blush:

Yes, I am interested in knowing as well.

This is actually a really interesting feature and nice implementation!

Thanks team for implementing this. I am soon going to figure out how to incorporate this column in our workflow.

This feature actually can give a nice overview of the status of the, let’s say ‘subtasks’ on an other board by adding them via the link to item column. When adjusting a status field it will be visible in the column by percentages and colors :ok_hand:

Our usecase: when having a board with user stories with subtasks on another board we can now see the status of those subtasks.

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Thanks for sharing! I see a use case to pull in a Roll Up of numbers or dollars to see in one spot.

@Eltjo How did you turn the status bar in your screenshot into a colourful progress bar?

edit: never mind, the thing solved itself!

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@TheOtherPM, How do I use this feature? Or any labs feature for that matter.