Rolling quarterly reports into one end of project report

I am using Doc to create a quarterly report for a project. The report is primarily text that I am typing in with just one import of the Main Table at the end to summarize the tasks. I would like to be able to roll those quarterly reports into one end of project report instead of having to manually create an end of project report. Is that possible? Also, is there a better way to create the report besides using a Doc? I do not want graphs or charts in the report, it’s primarily text. Unfortunately, I do not find Docs to be user friendly for what I need.

Hey @gsteiner.

To confirm I am understanding correctly, you’d essentially like to consolidate the individual quarterly reports into one main report automatically? If this is the case, I afraid this still remains a manual process, however this is definitely something I can share internally. I recognise this is still manual work, however could you copy/paste the individual reports in one document, and start building off that one doc moving forward (for the meantime)? You can use the divider feature to seperate each section! I apologise for the inconvenience!

As for creating text reports, aside from using the text widget in our dashboards and table widgets to display that main table data, the next alternative would be the docs feature I afraid - I am sorry that you’re finding it counter-intuitive, we will certainly take this on board :pray: