Round down decimal points in a formula column / numbers widget

Hi there,

Would love to know how to get my formula column to be rounding to the nearest whole number.

Current formula is:

MULTIPLY({January}+{February}+{March}+{April}+{May}+{June}+{July}+{August}+{September}+{October}+{November}+{December}+{January 22}+{February 22}+{March 22}+{April 22}+{May 22}+{June 22}+{July 22}+{August 22}+{September 22}+{October 22}+{November 22}+{December 22},0.9)

In addition to this, being able to choose decimal points within the numbers widget would also be amazing!


Hi @kate.n

There is a function RoundDown
Description: Always rounds a number down
Example 1 : ROUNDDOWN(1.1,0) => 1
Example 2: ROUNDDOWN(1.1234,2) => 1.12

where the last digit in the function specifies how many decimal places…
So just wrap your existing multiply function with the rounddown and you should get what your looking for.