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I created some new automations. Obviously, each automation occurs the next time the trigger happens. But is there any way to “run” the automation against items already in the board? For example, in Outlook, if I create a new rule, I can “run” that rule against emails already received (i.e. move them to a folder, etc). Can I do that same type of thing here? I can’t find a support answer that discusses this.

Not that I’m aware of. I’ve looked for the same feature myself but to no avail.

As far as I know, you have to trigger each item individually e.g. existing Done items need to be re-set to another Status then back to Done for the automation to kick in.

I’d love to Monday to prompt me to run a new Automation on existing items on a board. Bonus would be all boards, account-wide.

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Hi @southeasternlaw and @JohnW! The recipes do not run retroactively on previously created items. Does that help clarify? Cheers!

@lauraglev Yes, that’s my understanding. They need a trigger.

It would be a major step forward for automations if new automations could run against existing items when the automations are created.

As per the original post, when you create a new rule in Outlook, it asks if you want to run the new rule against existing items. Be great if Monday automations did the same when they are created.

Agreed and noted! Will pass this along to our automations team for consideration! Appreciate your input and ideas :slight_smile:

@southeasternlaw Maybe you can use integrations. With Integromat for example, you can solve that specific problem. You can program an automation using integromat and monday and run it considering older items.

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