Salesforce integration experience and best practices?

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What is your experience with the Salesforce integration? How did you implement this integration? Did you use a dedicated Monday account to set this up? Is it possible to allow only a sync from Salesforce to Monday and not allow the sync back to Salesforce?
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Hi @luc1003 - We have found the most flexible setup to be using Zapier for Salesforce instead of the built in one. Just depends on what you need to do.

Regarding whether to use a dedicated account, our agency’s best practice is to use a “bot” account that doesn’t belong to any one team member for all integrations. In that way, no one employee’s API credentials are tied to the setup, they don’t get subscribed to items created by an integrations, etc. It’s just cleaner that way, but it will use a paid seat.

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Thanks for your feedback already. I’ll first look into this a little further.
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In addition to integrating via Zapier. has a native salesforce integration that is available to clients on an enterprise plan. More information on that here: [Salesforce Integration – Support](https://Salesforce Integration)

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It look like this post here Salesforce integration experience and best practices? - #4 by malikosumah might have answered your question, is that correct?

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