Same colour option for 2 different statuses

Ability to choose same colour for more than one status.

So we have a pulse which is a company and the final status may be ‘Installed’. We want that to be that great shade of green.

We also have the same column status option ‘Delivered’. Same completion, same colour we want as that’s what completes that pulse. But you have to chose a different colour for each status tag.

Hey @DavidJames :wave:

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your ideas on how could be better!

I’ve moved this topic to the relevant section in our community, dealing with board building blocks., as it seems to be related to that aspect of using

In the meantime, have you considered using the Status column settings in order to set multiple Status labels as the “Done” label?!

You could then have multiple Statuses show that an item is complete, even if they are not the same green Status label.


Thanks Alex,

That’s great, but we want all 3 of the selected ‘done’ labels to be in the same green but can’t do that.

It then enables us to have lots of rows and columns and when you see a ’sea’ of green, you know lots has got done :slight_smile: