Same Schedule, Every Project

I am in the construction industry and we have the same exact timeline and tasks for every job we start. Every job requires the same amount of time per item. Example – 2 days after job is awarded, we must have a signed certificate of insurance.

I tried to create a template of the job all laid out and created dependencies, (COI dependent on contract being signed), which worked perfectly. But dependencies don’t transfer through templates. Any recommendations of some kind of automations I can use so I dont have to recreate this whole layout every new job?

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This isn’t an automation but you can select all pulses then click on a timeline date to “shift” by a number of days.

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I think being able to set some more parameters (like Saved filters, Integrations and Automations) on templates so that they will be copied / still working whenever you create a new board from a template wold be a timesaver

Also, I think this topic is somewhat related to Board types (synching board types and bulk updating) no?


Ok, I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out a work around :woman_facepalming:t2: This will work perfect. Thank you!!

Yes, agreed. Definitely similar to the other post! I was struggling with how to move them all out automatically, which doesn’t sound like an option at this time!

ok, so trying this out. And it is making all them go to the same date. Screenshots on how to shift?



It all moves them by the same number of days but they won’t go to the same date if they are not originally from the same date

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@StephaneGout thanks for your input and help here! @briennemartin & @Eltjo we do actually have some templates with built in automations and you should be able to now duplicate boards that you’ve created with automations/dependencies with it (we just released this!) If you don’t see this in your account can you reach out to so we can take a look at your account specifically? We also have the ability to save multiple filtered views to a board so you can see your information faster! Let me know if this helps! Thanks again for your feedback!


Thanks, i will check it out tomorrow!