Scatter Diagram / Portfolio Diagram / Stakeholder analysis

Hey guys,
thanks and congratulations for your great work so far. As recommended by I’d like to share my use case and an idea for a (new?) feature.

If it is placed wrongly, please gimme a hint :slight_smile:

For my company I have set up an approach for multi project management for a specific branch of the company. One in this included board must include a stakeholder analysis.

As the project manager I want to have a diagram, representing all stakeholders on 2 axis (x and y), that show the influence level vs. the conflict potential level. Assumed, that each stakeholder is represented by a bubble, an additional factor “project attitude” must be represented by a color, that shows different grades like supportive, neutral, disapproving, etc. With that overview I want to see at a glance, which most influential stakeholder with the highest conflict potential must be cared about specifically to make and keep the project successful.

The steps for x- and y-axis should not be limited, as well as the third factor.

A visual example:

I can imagine, that this diagram could also solve as a portfolio analysis or market share analysis and I bet there are many more use cases :smirk:

Let me know, what you think and if the idea could be enhanced to solve a broader common use.

Have a great time!

Hi Alexander, love the idea! This would be useful for many more purposes. I would use a diagram like this for client mapping for account analysis.

+1 vote from me on this feature request (to bad I ran out of votes)


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