Scheduled CSV Import

Hi Monday Community,

We are a import distributor and are trying to build a smart worksheet to manage our Procurement process. We track around 300-400 container shipments from 200+ global suppliers at any given point in time).

There are multiple upstream data sources that need to be refreshed in Monday on a daily basis.

We currently refresh the data using the “Update with Excel / CSV app” which allows us to refresh data fields rather than create new lines which is how the standard Monday CSV upload feature behaves. However, someone in the team needs to trigger the update every morning.

We want to schedule this update to occur automatically every morning (e.g. by pulling in a CSV file from FTP, SharePoint, or a Dropbox location). Are there any apps or methods we can use to achieve this?


Hi @jekin - wondering if you found a solution to this?

Hi -yes, we have been working with ADF TECH on a trial app which they are launching soon. We are having some issues with our SFTP site however it should work. Suggest you reach out to them.

Thanks! I saw their app, but it wasn’t clear about automating the import. Will check them out.