Search all items in a workspace and update if found

I have searched and found pointers but nothing that really solves my issue.

here is the workflow:
We receive an email and it is automatically tagged in Gmail with a label.
We identify a JOB-XXXXXX for the job number.
We need to search all items to see if that item exists (it could be in multiple boards as we assign multiple instructors to a job)
If the item is found then this email should be posted as an update.
If it is not then it should be created as a new request in the pending jobs group of our main board.


We are able to get the emails and parse the data needed.
we even geolocate the address for the address field
but we are missing a board when we get boards returned. we are looking for a specific board_folder_id and for some reason one of our boards does not have the id, even though it is in a folder. this approach was used to minimize the boards we query down to just what is really needed.

I have been able to get the items per board but so far that is where i stopped due to it not being reliable in getting all the correct boards.

as seen below we are getting the boards but if you look at Brandon Cornell the board_folder_id=null

[{"id":"4045768127","name":"InSync Questions","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"4028297792","name":"Heather Evans","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"4011257038","name":"Brandon Cornell","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"4000591300","name":"Class Roster","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3993342731","name":"Class Roster","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":38548852}},{"id":"3970274575","name":"Mark Cornell","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3970134360","name":"Subitems of Open Jobs","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3970133306","name":"Open Jobs","board_folder_id":10358379,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3970036426","name":"Subitems of Cassandra Watsula","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3970036419","name":"Cassandra Watsula","board_folder_id":10114161,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3970024775","name":"Michael Cornell","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3970024769","name":"Subitems of Michael Cornell","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3970024760","name":"Michael Cornell","board_folder_id":10114161,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3969826366","name":"Class Roster","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3969796360","name":"Class Roster","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3969796010","name":"Untitled","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3969791580","name":"Class Roster","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3847699996","name":"Subitems of Heather Evans","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3847699994","name":"Heather Evans","board_folder_id":10114161,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3847693815","name":"Subitems of Eric Arandia","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3847693812","name":"Eric Arandia","board_folder_id":10114161,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3847276085","name":"Subitems of Mark Cornell","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3847276061","name":"Mark Cornell","board_folder_id":10114161,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3847183477","name":"Subitems of Valerie Johnson","board_folder_id":null,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}},{"id":"3847183438","name":"Valerie Johnson","board_folder_id":10114161,"state":"active","owner":{"id":35579970}}]

I have cleaned up as much as i could and here it the output showing that Brandon is not on it. I can’t continut until I find out how to fix because we are constantly adding staff and this could be a big issue

3:06:29 PM	Info	Board ID: 3970036419 Name: Cassandra Watsula
3:06:30 PM	Info	Item ID: 3873401504
3:06:30 PM	Info	Total Items: 9
3:06:30 PM	Info	Item Name: 1062237
3:06:30 PM	Info	Board ID: 3970024760 Name: Michael Cornell
3:06:30 PM	Info	Item ID: 4045039986
3:06:30 PM	Info	Total Items: 22
3:06:30 PM	Info	Item Name: 1068157
3:06:30 PM	Info	Board ID: 3847699994 Name: Heather Evans
3:06:31 PM	Info	Item ID: 4028258837
3:06:31 PM	Info	Total Items: 2
3:06:31 PM	Info	Item Name: 1013952
3:06:31 PM	Info	Board ID: 3847693812 Name: Eric Arandia
3:06:32 PM	Info	Item ID: 3769307314
3:06:32 PM	Info	Total Items: 2
3:06:32 PM	Info	Item Name: 1014329
3:06:32 PM	Info	Board ID: 3847276061 Name: Mark Cornell
3:06:34 PM	Info	Item ID: 4044182189
3:06:34 PM	Info	Total Items: 91
3:06:34 PM	Info	Item Name: 1009871
3:06:34 PM	Info	Board ID: 3847183438 Name: Valerie Johnson
3:06:35 PM	Info	Item ID: 4025271648
3:06:35 PM	Info	Total Items: 9
3:06:35 PM	Info	Item Name: 1061698

Thanks for any help, it will be appreciated!

Hello there @mnprivate,

I am not sure I understand the nature of the issue. This looks like a bit of a complex flow.

Would you be able to send a screen recording explaining the steps you are taking and the issue you are seeing to so we can take a closer look into this?