Search and Filter behaviour with plain text and with Tags


I’m exploring the features of, both from a user perspective and a developer perspective, having created an account in order to enter the current apps challenge.

I’m currently trying to get my head around the available search/filter facilities. There seem to be one or two peculiarities, and I’d like to check whether there are any details that I have overlooked or misunderstood, and also whether everything currently works as intended.

Within a board, the Search feature will find a searched-for text string within any larger string, in any column. Spaces, however, cannot be part of the search string -
A search for one two will equate to search for one or two.

There does does not appear to be any way to specify wildcards , regular expressions, or anything of that nature. So, it would not be possible to search for the string ‘one two’, or for a match containing one and two.

The Filter feature is a little more flexible, and becoming more so in the beta version. It is currently restricted to dealing with entire column contents, rather than substrings, but this is changing. It looks like it may ultimately be possible to create a filter such as -
(Column1 contains one and Column2 contains two) or Column3 contains three

The Search Everything feature can be reached either by clicking on a tag (invoking a search for instances of the tag), or from the search icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

The tag search is simply a text search with a # prefix. It only finds matches within tag columns, meaning you cannot search for text prefixed with a # in plain text. However, if you search for a tag name, omitting the #, it will find it in any column, including the tag columns.

Unlike the board search, this search can only match whole words (the # prefix, presumably counting as punctuation and hence not counting as part of the word that follows)

So, a search for the text test_tag will find any instance of the tag #test_tag in a tags column, and any instance of the string #test_tag or the string test_tag in any other type of column. But a search for test will find none of these.

Is all the above an accurate summary of the way things are (and the way they are supposed to be)?