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i am search for a developer which can create a custom column type where i can display rich text content in board view.

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Hey @maximilian
Unfortunately what you are asking for is not possible at the moment, because monday doesn’t let create custom column types.

Hi @maximilian :wave:

I don’t believe custom columns exist as yet, but we may be able to create an item card that could work for you, depending on the requirements etc. We’ve got a team of full stack developers with some serious skill - use the below link to book a quick meeting call with myself and our technical lead to see if we can assist, no obligations of course!

Meet with upstream

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@rob Is it possible to extend or add a filter to the current column type long_text to show HTML?

Current problem:
I sync jira issues to monday. Currently i sync the jira issue description to the column long_text.

I can only sync data to a column field. Any solutions?

Hey Maximilliam!

If you’re looking for a Monday expert. I suggest you try out - it’s free, with 50+ vetted Monday experts, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find the right fit:

(Hire Monday experts I Codemap)

Let me know if you need any recommendations - happy to help!


No, it’s not possible to customize existing columns, but you can parse the content and get relevant info using General Caster app.

What exactly do you need to retrieve?

Currently if a ticket issue is create the jira issue description is showing in the long_text column. Now i need a option if i click on it or open the Element i can show the description formatted in HTML.

It’s very hard to read a long ticket text without line breaks. Is it possible to add the jira description to the long_text column. Hide this column. And create a App like this one: Apps Marketplace and synchronised the text from the long_text column to this item card field?

The Long Text column (and any other columns) strips all HTML code out.
So, until monday doesn’t add a new column type or allows HTML code in the text, it’s not possible to show styled text.

Not sure if it will solve your need @maximilian, but the update supports full HTML formating.
Why not push the description in as an update instead of a long text?

Is this possible? Sure if you can push it to the updates :slight_smile:

Do i need any app for this?

You need a custom API integration or using make (formerly Integromat). No app for this as far as I am aware.