Search everything to include monday doc content as well


Also really would like to see this feature so that we can build an internal wiki for our organisation. Monday has loads of great features but this seems like a massive oversight!

@BiancaT If you need any further feedback to get this bumped up a dev queue let me know. Also if you have an updated ETA on release that would be great?


Hey @BiancaT , just wondering if this Search Workdocs feature the team is working on will also have a “replace” function?

Eg. I search for “Apple” in all of my documents and replace that phrase with “Google”.

Checking in with the team - great idea @ProductivityApps :ok_hand:

@TomD3 I will also request whether we have an approved timeline to share for you! At this stage, I am not sure that we do but of course I will try my best to get some more insights from our product team :+1:


Search Everything should mean search everything. I have to keep create and keep documents in 2 different spots so i can find them by content. Other products like NextCloud and sharepoint can search the content of documents, including wiki like documents. This kind of technology has been around for years, we need it in Monday.

Hey @ProductivityApps,

Thanks for your patience with me! The team have mentioned that search and replace is a feature they’re considering however no confirmed timeline just yet. I will keep an eye on it!

Love the suggestion for search and replace.

@BiancaT any updates on the timeline for the search docs feature?

Hey Sam,

At this stage we don’t have any update to share despite the fact that development is being considered for the future. I am sorry I am unable to provide further clarity at the moment - thanks for your understanding!

Bianca, thanks for the quick response. From an earlier comment, I thought the search feature on documents was on the roadmap for release in Q1. Since it’s almost the end of Q1 I am guessing that won’t happen, but wondering if it’s coming in Q2?

Hey Sam,

If you’re referring to my initial comment, this plan is to have this feature released during H1 however please let me know if I’ve missed a comment! My apologies if there was any confusion caused here.

Hi Bianca - if the plan is H1 surely there is a development timeline at this point since it is now Q2. Otherwise confidence this is going to happen is very low. The ROI for Monday as a business is quite significant with this feature addition as I can assure you this is hindering adoption of the your platform by more than just my team.

To echo others here, this is a huge oversight in functionality highlighted by my team as well. It is embarrassing to try to explain the lack of such a crucial feature in a system made for managing work and content.

To tack on, this is not the first instance to where the platform has disappointed by lacking what most would consider crucial features. All of which I have found to be existing open threads with no traction from your product team. All are of full of comments acknowledging your users but then no actual prioritization happens. Some of the threads have been open for multiple years. That is not an acceptable way to treat your paying customers. Prioritize the features we’re asking you for, nail down a timeline, share it, and do the work. It isn’t that complicated; my team does it everyday for our customers with our product.