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Hi, It would be nice if implements a feature to allow one to filter the contents of the files stored on all Monday’s boards in the search everything section. I would like to know if it is on Monday´s plans to implement such feature. For now my Company relies on Dropbox to make this type of content search.

Hey @agranville

Thanks for the suggestion! Are you talking about locating a file based on the content inside the file itself rather than just the name of the file?

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Hi Julia! Thanks for your reply

Yes exactly. We would like to be able to locate documents (pdf, word) based on their contents.
One of our uses of Monday is to manage our projects that involves storing lots of different types of documents, such as contracts, reports and invoices. Very often, when we need to prepare a new report, we first make a search on our documents repository in order to find any other similar report, so we can save time. Currently, we are relying on Dropbox seach feature, but we would like to have it on Monday so we could use a one tool do all :slight_smile:

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I also find this feature extremely useful! It can definitely bring closer to your vision of one tool to rule all!

I’d also include .csv to the list of files I can search within.


I am also interested in this feature. At least, if not in the document linked/hosted on, we should be able to search within new Doc feature.

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I am currently looking for a way to do this myself. Has there been any updates added that allows for a file content search?

Are there any updates on this feature request? This is an issue for our organization as well.

We have embraced “monday Workdocs” as a native solution for multiple types of longer-form text. I had assumed we would be able to search the file contents, but based on my attempts today, it would seem this is not possible.

For example, today I needed to search through several months of meeting minutes for a specific documentation request. Sadly, the search tool cannot find terms that I can literally see in the files when they are open.

What are the current plans for this feature? Especially for the native Workdocs, this seems like something that monday should be able to wrangle. It is definitely needed!

Hey Kathy!
I’ve been running into the same need. I have found an app called AI Copilot in the app marketplace that says if can read PDFs. I am about to start working with it soon. From the example I’ve seen, it should be able to extract information into a text box and then it becomes searchable once it’s text.
I know this doesn’t exactly help but maybe it’s worth checking out to see if it can get you closer to your goal?