Search filenames containing underscores


We have a lot of documentation attached on boards using underscores in filenames, such as “contract_customer”.

How to search this filename pattern ? In above example I can find the file searching by “contract customer” but not searching by “contract_customer”.



Have you tried the Files View? It could be useful in your use case.
The search criteria works better in this view i think.

Hi, from my knowledge, “Files View” filter works only under a specific Board. If I don’t know the exactly Board, I expected to find with “Search Everyting”. Another example with underscores, given a filename “template_policy” the patterns “template_policy” or “_policy” does not find anything on Search Everything. A filename “template_quote” does not find using “template_quote” and find it using “template quote”. I had experience with some softwares (not sure about Monday) replacing behind the scenes underscores by spaces (or vice-versa).