Search in Pulses Updates / Info Boxes

Hi Monday Team,

it would be very useful the ability to search within pulses updates and/or info boxes via the Search Everything feature or (better) directly in the boards search form.

Do you have any plan to add this capability?


Hi Paolo! Thanks for sharing this. We actually do have the option to refine your results in Search Everything to specifically search updates by selecting “Updates” underneath the search bar after entering your text. Let me know if this works for you! Please note that this won’t include search results from the Info Boxes, only updates.

Thanks for the fast response

The Search Everything is one of my preferred feature in Monday and it works fine to find out queries in pulses updates.

Please consider to add this feature in boards search form too.


Definitely understand this would be helpful on a board level as well - we’ll definitely pass this along!

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I second that it would be good to have this on a board level as well!

Hi all. I love info boxes too, have just tested the search functionality and it seems that when toggling Updates inside Search Everything, the query returns both Updates and Info Boxes and visually differentiates the two, this didn’t work for board search for me.

Feature request to Monday: guys, please add the possibility to:

  • edit info boxes on the mobile apps
  • add new info boxes on the mobile apps
  • edit updates on the mobile apps
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We are relying heavily on info boxes to keep track of information.
The ability to search info boxes would be extremely useful.