Search results include contents of Monday Docs

It would be great to be able to search contents of native Monday docs.

+1. This would be a game changer as it would allow us to drop confluence - which is the only reason we’re hanging on to attlassian as well for now. Can someone from Monday let us know if this on a roadmap and if so when can we realistically expect it?


I would like to add to this, right now you cannot even search a docs name and find the doc in a file column and you can only find the doc based on the name of the pulse.
PS add search to the board level as well as global, it will really help to focus results and most people know what board they want to search on


Here to echo the potential of workdocs as a wiki solution if they were searchable. And also able to be organized more than one folder deep, but that is a different request.


We completely agree. We actually changed to Monday because of the new feature of the doc and the potential to use them as a internal and external wiki. Cross doc internal content indexing and search will be a game changer in that regard. Is there any plan to implement that in the future ?

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agreed - given how robust Monday’s search is in general I was shocked to discover it’s not searching workdocs. Giant bummer - crossing fingers this is in the works given this is such a new feature.