Secret to Getting a Non-Approved App Installed on an Enterprise Account

Is there a secret to getting a non-approved app installed on an enterprise account?

Yesterday I was trying to help a custom load a test version (non-approved by monday) of an app on their account. The screen came up to approve the install. But the install button was greyed out.

I’ve done this many times on pro accounts. So, I’m assuming that there is an enterprise setting that prevents this.

Does anyone have a solution?

Hi @JCorrell - I had a look around the settings of an ENT environment and do not see anything related to this? I assume the individual attempting to install was an Admin?


Hey @mark.anley

Yes they are an admin

Hi @JCorrell,

I can confirm that ENT accounts can install apps and we have no settings in place to prevent this. I will open a thread with you separately so we can get account details (account and app IDs) and investigate this issue for you.

We’ll post an update here once we find the solution.


That may shed a little light on it. There are permissions that can control things even admins can do it appears.

Hello @JCorrell!

I will speak with Alessandra about it to get updated about the thread she opened with you and what she found and we will post the solution here once we have it :slightly_smiling_face: