Section Breaks or headers between areas on forms

Maybe this is possible somewhere I’m not sure. I am moving over from another project management system and I’m building a form in Monday. I have alot of questions on this form so to make it clearer what section you are in I had section breaks where it was just a block of text saying that these next 5 questions pertain to something. So for example, text at the top of a section may say “Dinosaurs:” and give an explanation on what the section is about and then the next 5 questions are about Dinosaurs and then after those questions another header or section break would say “Dogs:” or whatever the section is about.

Is there a way to have section breaks or headers in different areas of the form to make it more readable to the person inputting through the form?


Hi @jfg863 - Welcome to the community! A new and improved form builder is coming later this year, and one of the features I’ve heard in the partner community is that you will be able to add dividing lines, section headings, etc. There’s no firm ETA yet, but stay tuned here in the community for news.

Also, if you really want in the meantime to have more control over the form design and features, you can use something like TypeForm or Gravity Forms and then feed that into monday through an app or Integromat.

Which project management system are you moving from, by the way?

~ Deb

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Thanks for the response @PolishedGeek! Moving from Workzone. I’m excited to see what the new form brings. Another thing that would be cool is similar to the formula function IF logic where if this answer in the form is a “Yes”, then these questions come up, otherwise, they don’t come up, etc.

Also while I have you, I am also wondering if there is a way to export to excel as a CSV where all of the formatting of the export is stripped away to make it easier to use data wise?

And in addition I am using your email to board pulse function. Is there a way to make the item from the email come in to a certain group on a board? So far it just comes in under a new group that it creates named “Emailed Items” but I’d like to go to a group that I already have created. Also is there a way to make the person’s email go into a email field in from the pulse (whoever sent the email would go into the email field in

Thanks so much for your time!