Sections in forms using Headings that are not questions

It would great to be able to create sections in Forms using Headings that are not part of a question. This feature would visually break up the form in a manner that would improve the UX.

Hi all,

I totally agree with Randy, it would be nice to have this feature :blush:


I know this is an older post, but when searching for something else (updating existing records with a form) this idea suggestion came up. I’m not sure if it exists elsewhere - but having section headers on forms are a very standard practice.

We need the ability to present information that doesn’t have a field attached to it. I had to vote for this idea.

Agreed with this! Bumping.

PLEASE read this thread,! This is a critical feature.


This feature can’t come soon enough. Like others said, it’s standard in all other platforms. (Workfront, Jira, Survey Monkey, Google Forms, etc.). Add-ons or integrations are not an option for us.


Chiming in, I agree, this feature can’t come soon enough!

Came here looking for this exact function! It can’t be that hard, can it?

Here in Jan 2024 to say this feature is still desired!

This seems like such a simple feature to add. Would convince me to move over from formstack!

Please add this feature! As others have said, downloading an app/add-on to do this is not an option at my org so I need this to be a native feature. I’m using forms for data collection surveys, and being able to break the form into sections (either with headings, or even with a “next section” button) would help make it less tiring on the recipient.

Agree, I really need this feature.

Yes please add it. Its standard on other forms.

This is such a simple and standard practice feature. Please add this to your roadmap🙏

Here to add that this is a feature we would also like to have included. Please add this to your pipeline!

Yes please! This would be super helpful and should be standard

Honestly surprised this doesn’t exist.

How is this not a thing here?

We all prefer categories over a long list of endless questions.
I just want to separate the form into categories or sections to make it easier for people to navigate, especially since we have a lot of questions.

It makes no sense at all why this feature hasn’t been added yet.

Hi Katie,

You can add sections in SuperForm - have a look in the following VIDEO

Is that what you looked for ?

Hi Amira,

You can add sections in SuperForm - have a look in the following VIDEO

Is that what you looked for ?