Securely access third party data and render on a Monday widget

Is there a way to securely access third party API from frontend (Monday views/widgets)?
I mean, is there some feature from Monday SDK that I allow me to make a request to a third party API from frontend without exposing the API key? This would involve a way to store the API key on app installation and SDK use it on third party api requests.

If there’s not, I would have the API key static on my code and use Axios, but this would expose the API Key.

Hello there @Samuel,

What would the use case be exactly here?

I am not sure I understand. Do you want to securely store an API token from a third-party platform, to then, using monday’s SDK make an HTTP request to a third-party API using that saved API token?

I want to send some data from monday to a third party api through frontend, i.e., I don’t want to instantiate a backend. So I could to it using any lib on frontend, but the api token would be exposed.
My question is if there is some feature from monday sdk in frontend to make http requests to third party system securally?

Hello again @Samuel,

Thank you for that explanation.

As of today, monday’s SDK does not have such feature.

I will create a feature request for our team based on your question :grin:


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Do we have any updates on this matter?

Hello there @Samuel,

We do not have an ETA on this at the moment.

Let me know if you have any other questions!