See all my tasks in one place?

I really would like this feature too!
This Automation didn’t seem to work for me, though it sounds like it might solve the issue.

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I think what we are looking for is one of the demo views that gives. I would love to have something like this to pin to favorites or dashboard views. I just cannot figure out how to make this work.

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Hey @Eleanor, @abiciea, @laurak, @Pedros, @Learning_ForTE, @Shanerh, thanks for the feedback and ideas! Have you already checked out making a table widget on a dashboard? There you can combine boards in one spot and filter by yourself to see all of your tasks in one place :slight_smile:

@cainine to access this shareable view have you tried clicking into your board’s views and sharing from there?

So it seems like your limited to 10 boards with the Table?!
It’s a good start but I have a lot jobs assigned on a lot of boards.
I want to know ALL the things I’ve been assigned.

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And I really can’t believe this isn’t a feature…
I mean seeing ALL of my tasks, from all of the boards, in one place. How could that NOT be a simple thing to do? Doesn’t everyone need to do that?! How do people even use without that? Right now I have to click on EVERY ONE of the 30+ boards my team has to see what I’m assigned?!


My team has two issues with the “My Tasks” section currently:

  1. The Timeline selection under settings seems to still only show the final due date of the project. It seems like it should show all days the team member is supposed to be working on a project so they can get started.

  2. The addition of views like a regular board would make it much more functional. All of your tasks organized in a timeline or calendar view would solve all of our problems.

Dashboards would be a great solution for this, but the board limits Monday has put in place make the task widgets practically useless.

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Agreed. Board limits on Monday dashboards are very puzzling. Why not account-wide?

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Hi @Shanerh, you’re right—at the moment the limit is 10 boards per any dashboard widget. To see all the things you’ve been assigned your best bet is probably to use Search Everything, as Julia mentioned earlier! I definitely hear you on the wish to have one board where you can see everything assigned to you. If you want to write into, we’re happy to help brainstorm workarounds specific to your account workflow :slight_smile: I see you’ve already added comments to the feature request: See & Update All Tasks From One Place. it is a great idea to have all dates in a timeline show up in the My Week section! Have you already had the chance to submit this as a feature request? I also like the idea of different views for My Week.

So it looks like acknowledges this is a glaring gap in your functionality and you have nothing currently available that addresses it properly. Search seems to be the best option, but search does not show all tasks that are searched for. It somehow selects certain tasks to show, but does not show all of them?

So when is going to address this gap? My company has recently starting using this tool and I was amazed that this basic functionality was not available. Hopefully coming soon!



Where do I submit a feature request?


Create a column TAGS , tag your name in each task, as you create it. Then click on a tag with your name and all your tasks will show in one place.


Hey @swa, that’s a great idea as a workaround! If you use Batch Actions you can add ‘your’ tag to many items at once.

@tjames Search Everything should be showing everything that matches the search term. If it’s not for you I would encourage writing to so we can figure out what may be going on.

Yes, nice idea. That’s basically the suggestion proposed by at the top of this discussion last year.

The downside is that it offers a smorgasbord of results, in no particular order, including returning all Done items which I don’t want to see.

Search Everything, by Tags or any other criteria, is no substitute for a comprehensive My Week solution which would include all my future To-Do items, excluding Done, sorted by date.

This should also include all items with a Team attached where I am a member of that team. That is also unavailable in My Week and the sole reason that we don’t use Teams in Monday.


Thanks for your reply.

After looking more closely at the search results, I see that I can click the note that shows the # of items not returned and it will expand that list in the search results window. So either this has been improved or I was clicking the board name previously…probably the latter.

This realization makes the search function much more usable, but still no replacement for the ability to create a customized compilation of assigned items across multiple boards. Still holding out for this functionality!

I really like the sub-items functionality as well. I need to experiment more and look forward to seeing this feature evolve. Biggest missing item at this point seems to be the inability to move a sub-item from one task item or task group to another, but I expect that is on the roadmap.

Thanks for your support!

Tommy James

Good to hear that many other people are experiencing this same issue. I have gone through and tried to implement many of the suggestions, but none of them solve the issue:

  • The search function isn’t great as flagged by other users
  • The ‘daily tasks’ is laid out in a non-users friendly way (too much scrolling/white space, have to move through weeks to see upcoming tasks, ‘completed’ tasks show up - the same issues others have flagged)
  • The ‘mirror/link’ automation flagged by @Learning_ForTE kind of works, but you can only mirror from a single board. This means that you have to have heaps of colums if you want to mirror from more than one board. You also can’t indepentendly hide/show columns between each ‘group’. Also, some of my boards are for differnt types of projects - so we have different columns. There should be flexibility that means that all your boards have to be exactly the same in order to be able to mirror them.
  • I have created a dashboard, but as flagged by others there are several issues: you can only add up to 10 boards, boards appear in order of creation (should be able to shuffle them around depending on preference), and you have no ‘sort by’ function on the boards that appear - so a task that was added first due in 6 months will appear at the top, and a task added yesterday due next week will appear down the bottom. Ideally, you could sort by different columns for each different group of tasks/board surfaced by the dashboard.

I know the team are working on a solution at the moment, so hopefully this is solved soon as it is a pretty critical feature!

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Wow. I didn’t even realise this was missing. It’s so obvious. @Monday stop what you’re doing and put this at the top of your list.


So, is there a way to do this? Thinking about switching back to Asana for this only reason…

Currently working (have the basic structure setup) on a custom Dashboard View/Widget to display all the tasks in a simple, condensed table view format.

What are the top features for the Task list that you would like to see implemented?

Can customize to include anything that’s required i.e. expanded rows for Workspaces with different columns, editing fields, adding updates, etc… Just let me know what the highest priority features are for an all encompassing Task list and I can include that in the custom widget.

Am I massively underestimating this but wouldn’t it work if Monday offered this automation:

“When person is assigned to someone mirror an item in another board and link them using a link to item column in this board”.

That way, every column would be mirrored instead of a new item?

I may be massively simplifying this and totally underestimating it though?

It’s definitely a feature we’re crying out for…