See & Update All Tasks From One Place

Hi this Is working on android mobile app too?

Huge improvement from the last My Work Beta! Just a few final items to fix up:

Please remove the pointless groupings that continue to disjoint tasks from being in one clean list that can be sorted by date status etc. Make these groups a filter if people want it. Please add the ability to sort columns like on normal boards. Then as @zach1 has noted please add the filter option in.

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Hi @V.B.Music! sub-items is showing up for me–I can see it in Scooper’s screenshot as well. Maybe it was enabled after your message?

I appreciate how it’s attached to the parent item.

Been reviewing and testing and I have to also say that I really appreciate that the feedback has been incorporated. It is so much easier to use and meets the needs in the immediate. Thank you for also including the guest filter ability within the customization as this is super important for external consultants.

Thank you again!!

I agree with everyone that this is much improved. One feature that would help our team is if you could also track all tasks for a “Team” (instead of just a person). I believe that My Week has this feature, so it would make sense to bring it over here as well.

You can add other persons:

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@simon_blinno Thank you for adding the screenshot for those who could not find the function of adding guests :slight_smile:

Again, very thankful that this has been included.

@rosovconsulting Team tracking would be great! Would love the ability to have guest accounts added to Teams as well, to optimize external consultant use (helps with short term, project-specific activity).

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Loving this upgrade! Thanks to the Monday team for listening and solving the challenge.

Personally, I don’t mind the headers for “this week” etc. (helps me skim), but the ability to filter items “due within X days” or “past due as of today” would eliminate the need, especially if you could save filter results as a view. For that matter, other view types like Kanban, and Calendar would give people different ways to manage their work.

Would be nice to re-order my columns or even hide them.