Seeing the device in Activity Log

It would be amazing if we could have the chance to see where are the updates coming from.
The activity log tell us the date, hour, team member and the update. But we cannot know if that update is coming from the mobile device app or from the web.

With that function we would control things as officetime, location of our workers and of course usage statistics of monday from our workers.

Hey @V.B.Music,

Thank you so much for sharing this use case. Would you mind sharing how this would help your workflow? What benefit does this control provide?

I would like to get as much information as possible to pass this along to our team for review.


Thank you! ok, what we are trying to make is get rid of another software we use for working attendance. Our logic is; if the team member writes an update in a board for that purpose, we can see if he/she is in the office or out of office.