Select a item name from a drop-down list

Hello everyone,

It would be very helpful if the user could create a pre-defined list of item names, so he can choose from a drop-down list when adding an item, instead of typing the item name each time.

This would speed up a lot the process of creating an item. It cannot be replaced by the “duplicate group” option when the items involved are recurring, but not always recurring in the same order or number.

The use case here is a time log for a manufacturing line. Items are events that can happen to the production line:
“Running time”
“Planned interruption” and
“Unplanned interruption”,
each having columns for “Start time”, “End time” and “Duration”.

Some days the item (or event) will be “Running time” from 8 am to 5 pm, so there will be just one item for that day. Some other days, “Running time” will be interrupted by the item “Unplanned interruption”, and then resume, so that day the board will show 3 items. With every event in the production line, a new item would be added (and it can get much more complicated than this simplified example). That is why for this use case of Monday, “Duplicate group” is not a good option at all.

Please consider making this improvement!

+1 this idea! We have a board for photo orders as the item name and this would help a great deal!


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Here here! This would be an excellent feature and really help with several of our user cases.

Hello @Claus @Gauri and @lpickersgill !

I have a suggestion on something that may help you create items faster.

What could be built out is what we call a “Back-End” Board.

On this separate board you could hold every repeatable option that you have on a regular basis. Then when you need to create that item again, you can either create the automation that says “Every time period create this item on this board” or create a button to manually push and add using “When button is pushed, create item on this board”.

Hope this helps!

What I’d like is to be able to do a repeating task and have it show up on the calendar for ALL of the repetitions. I don’t find it so helpful to only have the item one more iteration out when we’re trying to plan ahead. So I’d have to schedule 8 or 9 months worth in advance, and only then have it schedule the next one after that every month. Having to do that with dozens of events and meetings just seems so silly when the option that Google Calendar gives seems so effortless.