Selected items in a view

I’m developing a view in which it is appropriate to show the details of only about 1 to 3 items. I therefore need a way for the user to select which items to display. I think the best solution would be to add an “item selection field” to the view’s settings panel, but there doesn’t seem to be an item selection field. I can of course build the field into my view, but my view has a column selection field so it’s settings would be split between the view and the settings panel which isn’t a great experience.

Can anyone advise me on an alternate solution?

Hi @Roobrick,

I don’t think there is an easy way around this without having a section to let the user select which items they would like to view.

You could implement a ‘scroll bar’ where the user could scroll down the page to view different items.

You could implement a ‘filter’ in the settings pane which could be a filter. I.e. select a column, and then enter a value into a text field to compare and only return items that have this value.

I would recommend using the limit value when returning items in your query as well so you know that you will only have a maximum number of items returned.

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