Send automatic emails when status is updated

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to implement something on my team’s Monday account using Zapier to make it happen. So far, I have a Zap that imports our leads from Facebook into one of our boards so we use it as a kind of CRM.

What I would like to do now is create another Zap that does the following: when I change a status column value to “Didn’t pick up”, Zapier picks up the email stored in a text column of that item and automatically sends an email to that person notifying them that we tried reaching out.

The problem with this is that for some reason column value changes aren’t being picked up. The following was the last interaction a support member from Zapier had with me regarding this issue:

"Well darn, I don’t see that the email value or any identifying information at all is coming through the live task, which means we might be at a standstill. There are a few bugs and a few feature requests for Monday’s team that relate to this need, so I have added you to each of them (3 total) so that once their team fixes these issues you are notified.

To give you some context, the Monday app is developed and maintained by the people who make that product.

I’ve done some more digging and it looks like hasn’t developed their app to include all values of a row when a specific column has been updated. However, we track feature requests like this in a system that lets the developers at Monday know when we receive an FR from folks like you. It also lets us email you when any changes or updates occur. Other users have also requested this feature, so I’ve gone ahead and added your email address to the existing FR for it. While I can’t say for certain when/if this will get added, I can promise that we’ll let you know when/if it’s rolled out!

Additionally, we highly recommend that you reach out to and request that they implement this feature. Our partners generally respond more quickly when they hear from their own customers and it’ll raise the visibility of your needs.

I’m super sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but I would highly recommend reaching out to their team on this as well!



I’ve tried doing this using Outlook and Gmail but either way I would need the text column that stores the email value to be pulled by Zapier and that isn’t possible at the moment.

So what I would like to know is if this is something we can work together on or something that can easily be implemented on the part of the technical support team.

Thank you very mcuh!

I too was completely stumped by the lack of integration between Monday and Zapier. Column data is simply not accessible in Zapier >:( does however provide access to column data and all other sorts of things from! The free plan allows 2 Scenarios (Integromat speak for Zaps) :slight_smile:

I second the use of Integromat. I’m not 100% sure they have the whole V2 API implemented, but, I haven’t found anything missing.

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Hi @joao.zoio,

Just to be clear. The reason you can’t use the outlook or gmail integration is because you need the email to be picked up from a text column and these native integrations only work from an email column?

IF that is the case and I am understanding correctly. May I suggest revisiting your initial ZAP that updates your lead from Facebook to Monday?

The reason I ask is I also use a similar scenario however I get the email addresses from parsed emails and a form on our website and I am able to ZAP the email into an email column.

From the email column the gmail/outlook integrations work obviously. But I think your issue might be where you are ZAPing the email and not trying to get an automation to work on an email from a text column.

If you have any issues with the JSON creating a zap for populating an email let me know and I will show you how mine works.