Send confirmation pop-up to the user when status changes

Good afternoon, I’m trying to create an application using a node.js integration in which when the status changes, it sends a confirmation message to the user using monday.execute , for example. However, I’m struggling to establish the connection and would appreciate any help. Thanks, everyone.

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If you are trying to use something like monday.execute(“notice”), that can not be used from the backend of a workflow (integration) feature. It can be used in views such as a board view or item view.

Was that the case?

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Good morning! Thank you so much.
Yes, I am doing the warning from a workflow, but I made a view using a library, rendering it with express and putting the endpoint that I had configured in node.js with a get request, but it does not perform any action… so I understand that it is not possible to do it, right?

Hey @Matias.Monday
Any suggestions about sending a temporary notification to the user from the backend without using an update?

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Hello @rob ,

I don’t think you have a way of sending a temporary one. Just a regular one.

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