Send E-Mail Notification if Sum from a colum exceeds a certain treshold per board

I am collecting registrations for special game events on monday. As seen in the picture below, every event has it’s own Group, Individual entries are registered as a new line per board. Every game has a certain amount of seats that must not be exceeded.
Any idea on how I can automate this so that if the number is reached (sum of #Tickets) an email is sent to the owner of the game?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @BGK0311 ,

I had a couple of ideas about this however I am afraid it’s a little more complicated than initially expected.

You could set up an autonumber column to track registrations, however the autonumber column is not supported in formula or automations at this time so it doesn’t look like this is a good option. Additionally, column summary’s are not supported either in automations.

I am interested if you could instead consider tracking registrations via the subitems, although this would depend on how you’re actually pulling in the registrations - is this via a form? I ask this as you could then mirror the number column (which tracks # of registrations) summary into the parent item and pull this number into a forumla to compare against available capacity?

You could then utilise a third party app like general caster to integrate this value into a notification.

I understand this not an ideal approach and will certainly share this as feedback internally :pray: