Send email track in widget emails and activities

In the emails and activities widget you can create different custom activities and you can track the activities carried out with each record.

However, when creating a new email, although it records the activity in the widget, it does not allow you to trigger an action with the automation of emails and activities.

I need to create a sub-element when the activities are generated, but by not triggering the action I cannot register the sub-element. What I have done is that I built a mail activity and manually trigger it to execute the action of creating the subitem. But this forces me to send the email and then generate an additional activity.

Somebody could help me? or does anyone have an idea?

Hi@Yolbertho ,
you can achieve this using Make.
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Monday is expensive and I do not consider there is a need to invest in third parties to create actions that could be managed from the app. I don’t want to pay for a plugin for basic use.

@MsquareAutomation is right! You would have to use an non native operation to accomplish this task. would be your best option. Or you would need to consult with a monday partner. But if your not on the correct plan, then its would be more expensive. You may want to consider your needs and wants, to determine if you are in the right monday plan. #enterprisealways!