Send less messages for recurring notifications

So I want to create a notification from the notification center. The notification I want to add is 'When date has passed and status is something, notify someone every time period.

Now this notifications instantly sends 8 messages for 1 monday board if there are multiple items on a certain status.

I only want 1 message for this board.

So I basically want: "When status is status user input for longer than amount of days/weeks , send a single notification to user.

Hey @Kevin1! Iā€™d love to understand a bit more. Were you looking for the notifications to be grouped for those 8 items or for more granularity on when the notification is sent based on how long the status has been static on that particular item? Or maybe both? Curious to hear more! Cheers!

More like a grouped version. Cause at work we use multiple boards where there are multiple items on a certain status.

Receiving for example 8 items * 8 boards of messages every day would be bit much.

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