Send mail on due date/time

Hi there,

We are looking for something that would be a game changer and I need more members to put this under attention by the devs, we are requesting this for a year already but there’s no such option available yet unfortunately.

The current Due date functionality just show’s you a Red exclamation mark icon, but we are not all watching 24-7 the screens and looking for an option that it sends out an email at the same point when the Red exclamation mark icon appear.

So just that, when the Red exclamation mark appear it should trigger an automation to send an email.


With regards to a due date in deadline mode this can be achieved with a custom automation like this:



Thank you for your reply.
This is exactly the same answer that I received several times from the customer support department.

This is not the feature we are looking for.
We are looking for an trigger that sends out an email exactly at the same moment when the due date deadline arrives and when the red exclamation mark kicks in.


Ok. When you say “exactly at the same moment when the due date deadline arrives”, are you adding a time to the date and this is when you want the email sent?

Yes, for example if we put 11.00 AM as deadline it should sent the email at that same time so we get notified by email that the item has passed the deadline.