Send notification based on comparison of 2 number columns

I am trying to send automated notifications based on a greater than or less than. Here is the example:

When CONTRACTUAL # is less than ACTUAL #, notify someone.

There is a template close to this, but it requires a manual value added in place of ACTUAL # from my board. I can’t build a custom notification either on this, as far as I can tell. Need help in setting this up.

Hey Roman! This is in a formula column, correct? If so, it won’t be able to trigger any automations since formulas are not supported in automations at this time. :frowning_face:

Could you explain a little more about your desired workflow so we can help suggest some alternative solutions for what you’re looking for? Also, if you could provide some more context for why a manual entry of the number doesn’t work for you, that would be super helpful!

The manual entry of the formula results in a numbers column would allow you to set up automated notifications like this:

Let me know what you think!

Originally I was looking to use a formula column, but I am thinking I can abandon that column all together.

So now I have 2 columns:

  • Number based on a contractual amount
  • Number based on actual operational data

I am trying to get a notification set to let people know when the ACTUAL (2nd bullet) is higher than the CONTRACTUAL (1st bullet).

The reason a manual value will not work in an automation is because both of these numbers are specific to the ITEM.

For example:

ITEM 2 - CONTRACTUAL # 2500, ACTUAL # 2753