Send Notification to all subscribed to a board using API when item is added

I am able to add an item to a board that I am and others are subscribed to however, a notification isn’t sent when the item is added. If an item is added to the same board an email is dispatched to all who are subscribed. Why doesn’t this behavior happen when an item is added using the API and is there a way I can reproduce this using the API?

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Hi there @JeremyAQ :wave: and a very warm welcome to the community!

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you - seems like your post slipped through the cracks there.

To be transparent with you, I am not quite certain why items created through the API directly do not trigger a notification on your board by default - this is something I will check over with the development team and shed more light on when I have the info.

That said, I believe this section in our documentation can provide further clarity into how you could set up a notification to be sent through the API. You could then use item creation as a trigger for this notification:

I hope this helps!