Sending an email with files from multiple sub-items

Hello all

I have been attempting to create an approvals board for our business. For the most part it’s working great, but as usual, there’s always something new to add. The basic workflow we have is;

  • sales person creates opportunity, enters a basic description and customer
  • sales assistant then assigns themselves as the Owner (unassigned is basically their to-do list)
  • this moves the item to the in progress group and adds sub-items, which are the required steps for completion of a quote

Now each step could contain an attached file (customer document, layout, picture of the location etc etc)

Sub-item 3 is then the manager approval phase. What I’d like to be able to do is to trigger an email when the status is changed to “Requested”, send a pre-formatted email (this part I can do already)

But I want to include the files from all previous sub-items

Is that possible natively or should I look at an integration / automation with integromat (for example)